Only Middles

IBella in the Woods

“……. you’re searching, Joe,

For things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings.

Ends and beginnings- there are no such things.

There are only middles.”

~ Robert Frost, “In the Home Stretch”

It was easy to write while journeying across the country, when this blog began. There was a clear purpose, and a lack of fear that no one would be interested in what I had to share…. it was a way for my mother to keep track of where I was.

Since last writing, some six months ago, I’ve grappled with the idea/desire/interest in returning here.  The arrival of a new calendar year (a convenient marker for initiating dreams and visions) in this season of hibernation (winter in New England), provided the shift from struggle to letting go and beginning again. Or rather, jumping into the middle.

Journeying takes many forms, and is not always about traveling far from home. So I’ll continue to use this place to write and share photos of my wanderings, wherever they may take me, with the intention of practicing curiosity, openness and gratitude.

6 thoughts on “Only Middles

    • Thank you Diana, and I am very much looking forward to following you on your blogging journey as well… love that you are using knitting as a focus…. so much can grow from that starting point!


  1. Its tough to jump back in! I had all the best intentions of documenting my recent experiences. Unfortunately I wrote more in my head than on paper.
    Good for you picking it back up! Go at whatever pace feels natural. 🙂


    • Documentation begins as an interior experience…. I so look forward to when you are ready to write about the new journey you are on…. ! And thank you for your connection and encouragement! xo


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