Road Trip 2015

The blog entries archived in June and July of 2015  chronicled a return cross country road trip, from Los Angeles, CA to Swanzey, NH.

This trip was about learning to be curious and flexible, patient and mindful, as well as getting better at all the technical details of living on the road in a small camper with a small dog.

It was a journey of allowing the vast American landscape and people I encountered be part of what guided and directed me, knowing I did indeed, need to end up in New Hampshire…. which I did!

camping life

5 thoughts on “Road Trip 2015

  1. I know Washington is out of the way now based on where you are, but you’d love it out here. There are some amazing AMAZING parks here. Rainforest, desert, mountains, etc, all in the same state. You should check it out sometime (and take me with you;) )


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