Shanti has been nestled next to her Airstream cousin Ariel, on my sister and brother-in-law’s driveway for the past 10 days, after returning from my nephew’s most amazing wedding weekend at the Bar 717 Ranch, and a week of post-wedding camping with family along the Northern California coastline.

Shanti’s air conditioner stopped working somewhere between Fortuna and Mendocino, so I’ve been waiting patiently for a replacement from the Aliner factory in Pennsylvania. Besides having extra time to be with family and do fun LA things, I had a chance to clean things out, regroup and repack in preparation for the return cross country trip by myself. Being mindful of the California drought, I even gave Shanti a wash (more like a sponge bath) using some water I had stowed in her water tank for boondocking.

The air conditioner is due to arrive Friday, be installed that afternoon, with departure planned for early Saturday morning. In the meantime, I’m making final lists and mapping out routes and campgrounds. Time seems to be always easily filled with considering options for the future, so reminding myself to remain grounded in the present, enjoying these last few days in LA.

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