UPS and Dovecotes


The air conditioner did not arrive yesterday, and I am not yet on the road. Adverse weather” somewhere in the country delayed UPS shipment. A call to UPS and spoke to someone in India, who apologetically explained that while the package has arrived in Los Angeles, It will not be delivered until Monday because it was shipped UPS Ground.

Good news: a weekend with family and friends in Los Angeles, doing fun things.  Bad news: no campsites available in Yellowstone (a planned major destination) by the time I would be able to get there.

Need to re-plan. Another opportunity to practice acceptance.

While walking through the neighborhood, I noticed a sweet architectural detail (see photo above). A bit of Googling revealed they are called dovecotes, and were included as an embellishment of many San Fernando Valley mid-century storybookranch houses,

Not sure what the route the journey will now be, First the air conditioner has to be delivered and installed. In the meantime, opportunity to be with loved ones and appreciate what’s offered in the present moment.

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