Utah: Interstate 15 Along the Wasatch Range


“Utah is a western state defined by it’s vast expanses of desert and the Wasatch Mountain range.” (Utah State)

While the history of the Mormon church also comes to mind, this was indeed the experience, driving the length of the state, south to north, along Interstate 15. Seemingly endless desert to the left, with mountains as constant companions on the right. Invitations to travel east to Zion and Bryce Canyon were hard to pass by, but northward we traveled.


Cars sped by, but 65 MPH feels just right. The pace of this journey is without hurry.


Arrived and set up camp in Honeyville, UT, at a lovely campground called Crystal Springs. Surrounded by hay fields, at the foot of the Wasatchs, the campground’s offers a pool fed by hot springs, with a long and interesting history. Bella and I choose to settle in and enjoy our campsite, appreciating the much cooler temperature. The cooler weather inspired some outdoor cooking, so a quick stir fry on my little one burner stove:

IMG_1417 A sunset walk in the coolness of the evening, and the discovery of a railroad track that runs along the back side of the campground. Later, the passing of a train, including a whistle that made the evening complete.


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